The Guardian Season 3 Episode 4

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    Lulu starts her job as Director of LSP, leaving Alvin to wonder if he is needed at LSP. Nick helps a couple sue a fertility clinic because the baby is black. The parents want to keep the baby and the clinic to pay for damages. Nick needs to help find Samantha Gray who lost her sight because her dad.

    Samantha goes to Nick’s office to tell him she isn’t going back to the place she came from. Nick has dinner with Mrs. Aaronson who became pregnant after doing a procedure to have a baby, now the lawsuit against the clinic will be dropped.

    Samantha learns her dad lost his rights to be a dad because he was drug addict.

    Nick waits with Samantha on a bench in the courthouse wondering if her dad will show up for the hearing. When he doesn’t show up Nick finds him doing drugs.

    Episode Title: The Father-Daughter Dance

    Air Date: 2003-10-14